Martin Purr Captures The Rhubarb Triangle


Martin Parr is a renowned photographer documenting phantasmagoric experience ranging from garish foodstuff to bored couples. Parr was forced to turn his attention to the Rhubarb Triangle by the art gallery at Hepworth Wakefield. It is reputed for its prolific production located about a spread of nine square miles in the West Yorkshire. According to a statement by Parr in The Guardian, there are 10 to 11 growers, and all were approached. A couple was photographed, and many who never came under the lens before were photographed. It is a subject of interest and helps connect with the neighborhood community.


The latest work includes Hepworth Wakefield’s retrospective that covers over 200 Parr’s photographs. Meanwhile, ‘The Rhubarb Triangle & Other Stories’ that were photographed by lensman Martin Parr will be on display in February. The exhibition is accompanied by Hepworth Wakefield publication. It is a conventional tabloid consisting of photos of Rhubarb Triangle sequence. The photograph is about tracing the journey of the plants from the harvest period to getting into the pie competition.

The Rhubarb Triangle series is hosted by Leeds & District Market Gardener’s Association. The gallery has shown enthusiasm to print the photos informs Rosie Ripley informs Hepworth Wakefield. It is the opinion of both Hepworth Wakefield and Martin Parr that the art has to be accessible to a wide range of audience. Moreover, she added that the possibility to conceive the design and see it published is a remarkable experience that is worth not to be missed. Find the newspaper on sale at the Hepworth Wakefield store.

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