Landscaping Services – Lawn And Garden Care

Landscaping Services – Lawn And Garden Care

1.What are the requirements by law, for me to do business as a lawn mower/or landscaper. Exactly what licenses, and paper work will I need to fill out etc. And any other requirement, to do this type of business that I will need.landscape

2.What equipment will I need? About how much will it cost for everything? New/Used
A trailer to get your equipment to the work site.
Riding lawn mower
Walk behind mower
Edger for sidewalks
Blower for cleaning up
Leaf/grass catchers for Riding and walk behind mowers

3.What do most lawn Mowing companies/Landscapers even do? We don’t have one so I wouldn’t know. I know they cut the grass & blow the leaves, but i’m sure there is more to it.
What is most common, and does it take extensive training?

You can start local in your neighborhood and build up from there. For openers, just mow, trim, clean up, that sort of thing. If you don’t like it then you haven’t spent $$ on trailer etc.
Ask your clients what do THEY want you to do, then do something extra so they in turn will tell their friends. It will cost you time but consider it advertisement. Everyone likes to think they are getting something for nothing or being treated special. AND don’t just do an average job, do an out-of-this-world job if you want to stay in business.

4.In total, how much do you estimate it would cost me to get started? Im in Fort Smith area, and imagine i had 1 truck w/ 2-3 guys, and business is pretty good. Also, how much did it cost for you to get started?lawn care - lawn services

One word of advise if you plan on putting a riding lawn mower up in the back of your truck. Many a person have been killed trying to do just that so be VERY careful if you do something like that…… get a trailer!!

If you start local, most likely you can use your dad’s stuff until he puts a stop to it. Make a deal with him that when you get enough saved to buy a new machine, he gets the new one and you get to keep his. I know, that sucks, but you most likely don’t have much $$ to start with, right? Now, after you buy the second machine, sell his worn out stuff and keep the change.

5.This question is like part 2 to my first question, What all do I need to be legitimate? Insurance? would I need a commercial property?

I would stay away from commercial property until you really know the business. Contracts can be very hard to get out of and you may be taken advantage of considering your age. Grow into the business by doing the little old lady’s lawn down the street. Remember she knows other little old ladies who want and love to feel special.

6.And how hard is it to keep track of my taxes & stuff? & do we get charged alot of tax in this business?

Keep a log book and all receipts for gas (also keep track of mileage going to and from the site).
Most likely you will treat it as income, as if you were working for someone, deducting cost of doing the business. It would pay you to check with an certified accountant and not go by these answers. Better safe than sorry.

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