Fern – Memories On The Paper


Find awe-inspiring stories on the blog Fernweh owned by designer Tom Reinert . Tom and his girlfriend were on a world tour in 2014, and the blog was inspired by the tour. The meaning of Fernweh is the ‘urge to travel’. It is of German origin. It is a German blog, and the meaning of Fernweh is clearly distinguished. The memories of his tour have been published in the blog on a digital broadsheet newspaper. It is canned the Fern, meaning far in German. The electronic blog was a big hit among near and dear, and this instigated Reinert to come up with the print. That was when the memories were transferred into paper.

Tom believed that newspaper was the perfect medium to spread the message. He decided to add more pictures and combined it with the smaller inlay of the newspaper. Glossy paper was used for photo prints. It has been a year since the trip happened and yet the memories of the trip stay fresh through these papers. They enjoy reading, again and again, the stories. The memories are kept alive on paper. Reinert’s projects are available on his website, and Fern is available with The Newsagent. Reinert has made a big impression with his newspaper.

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